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The technology of generating deep fake

Of course, the technology for generating deep fakes has been around for quite some time. But Nudify represents an entirely new generation of systems that can create incredibly convincing deep fakes with minimal user work. The program is easy to install and does not require any special knowledge or skills. 

As a training sample, ai generated nudes are used in a set of thousands of paintings depicting naked people. As a result, artificial intelligence began to create such images itself. However, they look specific. In addition, developers are constantly working to optimize their software, which, in theory, will only increase its availability.

Where to see a completely naked Margot Robbie?

Margot Robbie has become one of the most sought-after and popular actresses in Hollywood thanks to her talent and many successful roles. Margot Robbie’s career began in Australia, where she first starred in television series and then moved to Hollywood, where she quickly gained recognition for her roles in films.

Margot Robbie appears completely naked more than once in the film The Wolf of Wall Street. Moreover, some scenes are very hot. Take, for example, a sex scene with a partner on the set – Leonardo DiCaprio. In short, there are a lot of scenes in this film where the actress is naked. 

But we can also note the film “Birds of Prey: The Fantabulous Story of Harley Quinn.” In this film, the actress repeatedly shows naked parts of her body, including full frontal nudity, in a sex scene. Since Robin’s role in the film is quite frank, the girl does not hesitate to play her character to the maximum. Margot’s talent, like her body, is unsurpassed.